The Red Team vs Blue Team is a scenario-based, hands-on lab experience. The goal is to put together items learned during Mile2 courses and apply them in this environment. It consists of two days (four scenarios) ranging from easyto intermediateto advanced problem sets.As a Blue team individual, you will be given approximately 45 minutes to review the target systems within your scenario and potentially patch vulnerabilities. ***NOTE: You cannot disable any services on the system, but you can patchit***. You are authorized to change the default credentials for the user “playerone”, however, that password will be given to the mile2 range monitor. ***NOTE: If credentials are changed after the start of theRed Team portion, there will be a timeout period up to 15 minutes***.As a Red team individual, you will be given three hours to attempt to exploit other students’machines. The intent for the Red team is to gain access to other systems in the network and place their name or team name in the flag.txt file in the root/administrator directory.

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